Akron’s 1st Barre Fitness Studio

Our Mission

Our core mission is to create a serene environment for focused conditioning, in a safe, unique manner, to achieve a strong, centered body both mentally and physically.

An intelligent exercise workout that integrates interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely re-shape your entire body. Our non-impact workout uses both the ballet barre and Pilates mat work to help you create a longer, leaner and more graceful body, as well as give you more energy.  Two main principles of the class are proper form and alignment.  Focusing on these elements will aid in developing proper posture and a well-toned body. 

The result is the recognizable Barre body; firm thighs, tight glutes, sculpted arms, flat abs.  You will also experience increased fat burning and flexibility. 

You will become strong like an athlete, long and lean like a dancer.

At barre pose, we believe that fitness is more than a number on a scale and that fit bodies come in different shapes and sizes.  You will experience this life-changing workout in a small group setting in our private, boutique fitness studio in West Akron


"I was a big skeptic at first. My idea of the proper workout was lifting heavy weights. But unfortunately, the more weight I lifted; the bigger and bulkier I became. I was up in weight and clothing size. That's when I decided to try Barre Pose. After 6 weeks, I felt long and lean. Feeling confident, I bought a new bathing suit. 4 weeks later, the bottoms were too big!!  (When has that ever happened - never!!) My problem areas (butt, thighs and hips) are smaller, I feel stronger and more flexible than before! No longer a skeptic but a believer! Thank you Stacey!!!!"

~ Susan B.

"Core Barre class as instructed by Stacey put me back on the baseball field!  

I had hung up my spikes after playing competitive baseball for 37 years due to severe lower back pain.  The pain had progressed to the point that it affected not only my activities, but also my personal and professional life.  A full MRI showed congenital stenosis, 3 bulging discs, torn ligaments and 2 curvatures between L2 and S1.  Doctors told me to have surgery ... chiropractors told me not to be adjusted anymore ... massage therapy was temporary ... acupuncture didn't help.  I thought being inactive and dealing with the bi-monthly flare-ups were just going to be a part of my life. 

Gentle yoga led to Core Barre and this past summer I played in 2 baseball leagues - often playing 9 innings on both Saturday and Sunday in the same weekend.  This past fall I returned to the Roy Hobbs World Series in Florida, playing 6 games in 7 days.  All of this without a single back incident!  I batted over .400 this year and my teammates even mentioned my throwing arm being stronger.  I am also now able to cross-country ski and (try to) ice skate again.  

As a result of 1 short year of classes - I am more aware of my body, the importance of small muscles, feel great about myself again - and a believer in Core Barre!"

~ Dean Testa, Akron, OH